FDAㆍISO22716ㆍCGMP Registered
Skin care & Makeup Sachets MOQ 10,000ea~

Since.1985 Cosmedique


Reliable Manufacturing We have successfully been accredited by the FDA and all our products are manufactured in accordance with the CGMP requirement.
38 Years of Experience We proudly guarantee the quality of our manufacturing based on the professional knowledge and know-how of our senior researchers with 38+ years of experience.
Sophisticated Equipment Leveraging on our high-end, sophisticated manufacturing facilities and equipment, we have the capacity to produce reliable quality products.

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Sample pouches can be manufactured from 10,000 pieces. Pouch film fabrics can only be manufactured in the required quantity by digital printing.
Production and delivery are possible within 10 days on average. (When using company owned mold)
With the completion of CGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities, we are equipped with clean room facilities throughout the manufacturing facilities, and are manufactured under a thorough inspection process with the latest mechanical facilities.
Items that can be processed are provided as follows.

First, refer to the CUSTOMER CENTER> FAQ at the top of the site, and then contact +82-2-569-8300 for the fastest consultation. If you have any inquiries about meetings, please call us and we will make an appointment as soon as possible and respond kindly.

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Shape Sachet manufacturing cost [Container+Filling]

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Dual Shape Sachet manufacturing cost [Container+Filling]

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- Bulk Guideline -

Shape Sachet manufacturing cost [Container+Filling]

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Dual Shape Sachet manufacturing cost [Container+Filling]

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